RadiantFlex TM

High Performance Flexible Phosphor Film

PhosphorTech is proud to introduce RadiantFlex
, new revolutionary patented flexible phosphor film and phosphor sheets for solid-state lighting and display applications. This product offers unparalleled flexibility, not just in terms of its physical properties, but also the infinite possibilities and high durability that it offers the LED packaging and luminaire / display designers.

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Specifications and Benefits

  • Super-strong and very light-weight with +/-2.5% uniformity in white CCT
  • High light extraction and high surface thermal conductivity
  • High chemical resistance to oils, mild acids, alkalis, and water
  • User-customizable to various sizes and shapes with high curling and wrinkle resistance
  • Can be thermoformed into 3-dimensional shapes using thermoplastic substrates
  • Can be printed on and patterned using conventional digital printers or screen-printing
  • Available with different colors as well as standard white, CCT, and CRI properties, including ultra-high CRI >95
  • Can be custom-produced in both monochrome or RGYOB patterns
  • Can offer significant cost-savings compared to traditional phosphor coating methods when used on chip or package levels.
  • Works as is or with a variety of adhesives, epoxies, and silicone
  • With or without high performance adhesive layers (acrylic or silicone)
  • High power density and high temperature operation
    • – Will operate ~150° C for short periods (hours) and 100-125° C for long periods
    • – Can be used with a wide range of substrates for all power levels
    • – Custom silicone-based versions can operate as high as 260° C
    • – Lower temperature limit: -40° C
  • Chip-level, package-level or remote phosphor applications possible
  • 25-35% higher light output possible in some
    phosphor film versions
    • – More than 10X thinner and 12X lighter compared to conventional remote phosphor plates
    • – Virtually no light-piping or edge losses with lambertian emission pattern
    • – Superior optical properties and reduced scattering

Roll-based Phosphor Films
High Performance Phosphor Sheeting
High Performance without Mixing Chambers or Added Reflectors
RadiantFlex (TM) Superior Optical Performance
Unparalleled Color Customization
High Performance Phosphor Sheeting
Full Color Conversion
Enhanced Display Backlighting
3D Shape Forming


All phosphors and materials offered for sale on this page are environmentally friendly and ROHS compliant.

Prices are subject to change depending on market conditions for chemicals and other factors.