High Performance LED Phosphors for High Power LEDs

CIE 1931 Color Chromaticity Chart

A wide range of LED phosphors are now available for blue (and UV) LEDs with emission colors from blue-green to deep red, even infrared. These phosphors are ideal for demanding high brightness LED (HBLED) applications requiring high quantum yield (QY) and temperature stability. The high performance red LED phosphors can be used independently or mixed with conventional garnet (YAG, TAG, etc.) material to produce light emitting devices and solid-state lighting fixtures with a broad range of Correlated Color Temperatures (CCTs) and Color Rendering Indices (CRIs). The wide selection of available colors enables the lighting designer to create custom LED colors and chromaticities for saturated backlight displays (LCD backlighting) or indoor/outdoor lighting fixtures with warm white and high CRI, TLCI, and/or Color Quality Scale (CQS) properties.

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Low-cost high performance LED phosphor kits are available for direct purchase (below), which allows customers to evaluate these new materials with no strings attached. We are confident you will be satisfied with these new products and are currently ramping up our supply capacity to meet market demands. The bulk phosphor pricing we offer for large quantity purchases is among the lowest in the industry for comparable phosphor groups and they are provided with our performance guarantee!

Applications & Benefits

  • Energy Efficient Lighting- Retrofit bulbs for incandescent & fluorescent lamp replacement- LCD backlights for LED HDTVs and computers- Architectural and commercial LED display lighting
  • Wide range of color: saturated or broadband
  • Long lifetime & high thermal stability
  • Color conversion for blue and UV LEDs
  • Compatible with all LED encapsulation materials and polymers

Emission Spectra

Emission Spectra

High Temperature Performance

High Temperature Performance LED Phosphors

SEM Image

SEM Image LED Phosphors

SEM Image

SEM Image LED Phosphors

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All phosphors and materials offered for sale on this page are environmentally friendly and ROHS compliant.

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